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Virtual Campus Systems

Virtual Campus systems should be designed to enhance the flexibility and accessibility of the teaching and learning experience. Despite the still prevalent misconception held by the broader community that "computers will replace teachers", educators are beginning to mould e-learning to provide the highest quality education and training programs in an environment where "time" and "location" are largely irrelevant. Students and trainees are able to access learning facilities anytime and anywhere.

Critical to successful and effective e-learning is the personal involvement of the instructor or teacher. The Virtual Campus system does encourage and teach participants to manage their own learning and, accordingly, places a greater responsibility on the learner. This does not presume, however, that the "human contact element" is therefore superfluous to the teaching and learning experience. On the contrary, leading practice Virtual Campus system models have at their core a "mentor" support facility. That is, students and trainees will not only have access to a fully qualified and experienced instructor or teacher, but will have their progress regularly monitored by their mentor.

Online e-Learning

Vocational Pathways has been successfully deploying Virtual Campus systems in schools since late 1999. Students, teachers and other members of the school community are able to access education and training e-learning courses 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The systems enable schools to deploy over the internet. Users may then log on over the internet and undertake a course whilst online. Alternatively, users may download the course to their local PC or Notebook and undertake the course offline. Once these users reconnect and log on, their progress and results will be automatically uploaded to the system administration, and they may then download the next course.

Administration of e-Learning

Schools that deployed the training courseware using the Web-based model are able to have program co-ordinators track and monitor student progress from a PC using course administrators software. The course administrators package allows a student's progress to be monitored in detail. The course administrator is able to check on any students the time and date of course access, unit completion, and unit test results.

Lessons from experience

Many schools are now exploring the potential to provide open learning facilities to the broader community as part of a community education initiative. This would enable schools to generate an income from their facilities and, therefore would not only ensure the long-term financial sustainability of their Virtual Campus but also provide for system upgrades and enhancements.

Please email us for further information on Virtual Campus systems. Vocational Pathways is able to provide on-site briefings and / or demonstrations: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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